Ceviche Latin Kitchen

Ceviche Latin Kitchen Catering Menu


         ***Cocktail Tapas Party- $20 pp***

 Choose five (5) from the following:
– Mariquita – Thick mashed avocado, served with fresh plantain chips
– Chino Latino – Latin style pulled pork egg rolls
Ahi tuna & Mango Tacos – Topped with chipotle cream
Vaquero flatbread – Grilled skirt steak over flatbread with chimichurri sauce
Papa Rellena – Carribean style ground beef stuffed potato
Chorizo and queso tacos – Grilled sausage and Spanish cheese
Guaracha de Pollo – Flatbread with ground chicken picadillo, manchego cheese, tomatillo, avocado     salsa
Carnitas and tostones – Crisp plantains, pork loin, avocado hash, cream
Cazuela de hongos – Wild mushroom guizo, truffle oil on a flatbread
Serano wrapped shrimp – Red peppers, green beans, peas, corn and lentil banana salsita, mojo sauce
Tuna tartare – Soy/ginger marinated tuna, cucumber avocado guizo
Empanadas – Stuffed with shredded chicken and served with a chipotle mayonnaise
Tostadas de Car – Crispy corn tortilla, beans, lettuce, crabmeat , avocado hash and crema
Crispy artichokes – Served with a spicy aioli dressing
Sautéed PEI – Bacon, white beans, tomatoes, white wine and a seafood broth.

  • 3 hour open beer & wine bar- add $17 pp
  • 3 hour open full bar- add $32 pp
  • 3 hour soda / juice / coffee and tea service- add $6 pp


            ***Sit Down Luncheon- $22 pp***

Salad Course- Select one (1):
Garden mix – Mixed greens, cucumbers , cherry tomatoes, queso fresco, sliced avocado, oranges and balsamic vinaigrette
Ceviche Ceasar – Romaine heart wedge, roasted corn, shaved manchego, smoked bacon, fresh avocado, green plantain croutons, roasted garlic, cotija dressing

Tropical Salad – Fresh mango, jicama, radish and pineapple with mixed greens and a peanut dressing

Entrée Course– select three (3):
Salmon – Grilled salmon with a guava BBQ sauce
Tilapia – Grilled Costa Rican tilapia
Churrasco – Grilled skirt steak with a chimichurri sauce
Cuban sandwich – Citrus marinated pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, Dijon mustard
El Vegetariano – Rice, beans, mashed potatoes, grilled zucchini, squash, spinach,  plantains & mojo

Pollo Saltado – Chicken breast sautéed with onion, tomato, pepper, ketchup, soy, brown sauce, fries,rice
Ropa Vieja – Slow Cooked shredded beef in a red wine & tomato reduction,with sweet plantains, rice, avocado.

Dessert Course– Miniature dessert samplers /  coffee and tea

  • 3 hour open Beer & Wine bar $20pp
  • 3 hour open bar $35pp
  • Soda / juice / coffee and tea $6pp


             ***Sit Down Dinner- $28 pp*** 
(not available Fri. or Sat. nights)
Salad Course- select one (1):
Choice of Spring mix – Fresh mixed greens, cucumber, queso fresco, cherry tomatoes, orange, and a balsamic vinaigrette
Tropical salad –  Mixed greens, mango, jicama, radish, pineapple with a peanut dressing
Ceviche Ceasar – Romaine wedges, roasted corn, shaved manchego cheese, smoked bacon, avocado, green plantain croutons, roasted garlic, cotija dressing

Entrée Course – select three (3):
Salmon – Grilled salmon filet, guaba BBQ glaze, served over moro rice with a fried banana and mojo sauce

Churrasco – Grilled marinated skirt steak, grilled vegetables, steak cut fries and chimichurri sauce
El Vegetariano – Rice, beans, mashed potatoes, grilled zucchini and squash, sautéed spinach, sweet plantains, mojo sauce
Pollo Ladrillo – Deboned half chicken, marinated with garlic, lime juice and fresh herbs, cooked under hot bricks, served with garlic mashed potato, sautéed spinach, roasted poblano pepper chimichurri
Tilapia Guajira – Chorizo, mussels, tomato, corn, Spanish vinaigrette and Valencia rice
Chancho – Citrus marinated pulled pork served with moro rice, mango pineapple mojo, fried plantain and avocado
Vegetarian Paella – Mushroom, beans, green peas, sautéed spinach, grilled vegetables, bomba rice en sofrito

Dessert Course- a selection of our miniaturized desserts / Regular coffee or tea

  • 3 hour open beer & wine bar $24 pp
  • 3 hour open full bar $35 pp
  • Soda / juice / coffee and tea service $7 pp
  • dessert course- $4.75 pp (includes coffee/ tea)


       ***Personalized Wine Pairings/Tastings- 2 hours***
Includes Tapas courses paired with a selection of wines $35 – $75 pp

Our buffet packages include bread and pebre dip.  Tapas can be served butler style or table placed.  Choose a salad or soup course as well as 2 side dishes.  Coffee and tea service is also included.